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Messages submitted will be responded to within 24 hours or less. Please do not use this option for orders or issues needing immediate attention. Please call one of our stores for immediate assistance.


We do not have nutritional information available for our menu items at this time. California state law only requires restaurants with 20 or more units to provide this type of information. Sequoia Sandwich is not large enough to fall under this regulation. The expense for the required lab analysis and publication are too cost prohibitive for smaller independent restaurant chains.


Have a complaint about food or service? We want to know about it! As a business, upsetting customers is the last thing we want to do, and although we don't like hearing complaints any more than you like writing them, critiques are a necessary part of making improvements. Please be as concise and specific as possible about who, what, when and where. Please refrain from threats to our business and deep seeded anger. Remember, we're talking about sandwiches, not critical life issues that face our nation and our world. If you are upset, please take an hour to calm down and gather your thoughts. Our goal is to hear you out and hopefully make improvements to our operation so that we can serve you & others better in the future, and hopefully provide an answer or resolution that will make you feel good again. Please know that all of our employees work hard every day to serve many customers and accommodate a huge number of orders, changes, and special requests in a very short period of time, with numerous staff involved in the taking, preparation and packaging of each order. We are human beings not machines, and we do make mistakes and have bad days like everyone else. Please don't take our errors, even repeated ones personally. If we aren't getting your order correct, we want to identify what issues are causing the problem. If we're at fault, which we admit we often are, we will do our best to apologize and make it up to you.

Jeff & Gary
Sequoia Sandwich