In March 2017 Sequoia opened QwikCafe, a new self-service, grab & go deli located on 18th Street, next to our Downtown store. QwikCafe was built to help customers who are in a hurry for lunch get in and out quickly. But if you have a few minutes to dine, we also offer some beautifully shaded new patio tables with a nice Northern exposure.

QwikCafe offers a big variety of freshly made sandwiches, salads, side items, desserts, snacks and bottled beverages, some similar to Sequoia, and many that are unique to QwikCafe. From our new Roasted Chicken Paninis, Ham & Brie Baguette, Beet and Salmon Salads, Greek Yogurt Parfaits & Lemon Bars, QwikCafe offers a full variety of food items to fit every taste and diet.

The menu link on this page will take you to the menu we normally produce and stock each day. There is no need to call in your order, just stop in, choose what you'd like, pay and you're on your way!

Simple, Easy, Delicious!
That's QwikCafe!

Download Quick Cafe Menu Pdf